M A R I E L L  J O H N S O N 

Professional Hair and Makeup


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Quotes Without a doubt, MJ is my absolute FAVORITE hair and makeup artist in New England. I have had the pleasure of working with her four times now, and I continue to be absolutely blown away by her creativity, talent, precision and professionalism. Never have I witnessed such a high level of quality at the pace MJ works at. She is capable of executing the most particular of concepts; I also trust her artistic skills to achieve more then I even dreamed possible. I am, simply put, a massive fan of her work. Quotes
Kristy Bergeron
KB Creative Images

Quotes MJ came highly recommended and for good reason. She is not only very good at what she does, but she does it with ease, confidence and a smile! What more could you ask for? MJ is a true professional. Quotes
Chris Lunetta
Expose Me Photography

Quotes I have been working with MJ for years. She is incredible. As for hair styling and make up, the finished product is impeccable and she does it in a timely manner. She has also done a cut and color for me and it came out great! MJ is a lovely person and a joy to work with. Quotes
Raven Kitty Taylor
Happy Model

Quotes Sharon - This is the first photography post I have ever coentmemd on. How could I not! Everything about every photo was perfectly gorgeous. What a wonderful artist you are. I would hire you ANY day to do my family photos. (Except I live in Chicago!) LOL. I will most definitely bookmark you in my favourites this far .October 10, 2012 4:17 pm Quotes
Sharon - This is the

Quotes MJ did a excellent job , I was very impress with her talent she was very professional , on time and got the job done quick , MJ was very easy to work with...I look forward to working with her again and again... Quotes
Larry Carter
Photographer , Videographer

Quotes MJ is the first makeup artist I have ever used for a shoot. Now I don't think I can shoot without one. She swooped in like the wolf from pulp fiction. She knew what she was doing and how to get it done and was amazingly fast for what needed to be done. Would I hire her again? Any chance I get. Quotes
Monte Kamps (AnguzHawk Photography)

Quotes MJ is incredibly talented and so fun to work with! She is timely, professional, and inventive! I definitely cannot wait to work with her many more times :) Quotes
Ashley Phillips

Quotes In addition to impeccable taste and style in her makeup looks, the feeling I get knowing Mariell has everything under control helps me focus on all the other challenges of a shoot. Best I've ever worked with. Reliability personified. =) Quotes
Inkwell Johnson

Quotes Mariell was just amazing! First of all she was very punctual, and productive/efficient with her time. She was extremely outgoing and very easy to talk to, which is a must for a model to feel comfortable before the shoot so you start the shoot feeling that way. The outcome was flawless for both my hair and makeup, and I cannot wait to work with her again!! :D Quotes
Ashley Ann

Quotes I've had the pleasure of working on two projects with MJ so far and I'm sure there will be many, many more. She is the epitome of a pro! MJ's work is absolutely flawless and she just needs a few words to get started her creativity is amazing and she works very quickly which I love. To often you are stuck waiting for stylists to do their work as the model wilts in the chair. Get her while you can because I'm going to be using this lady alot! Quotes
Dan MInicucci